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(Day 29) 

30 Days of Self-Care Information and Strategies – Kristin Cowart, MSW, LCSW

Self-care is any activity we deliberately do in order to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. We engage in self-care to build resilience toward life stressors so we are better able to live our best life. But what is “our best life” and how do we get there? Watch an introduction to the Science of Well-Being (4 min) a free online course taught by Yale Professor Laurie Santos. Interested??? To learn more and sign up visit coursera.

Not enough time to take a class? Check out Dr. Santos podcast The Happiness Lab. In about 30 minutes per episode, Dr. Santos will take you through the latest scientific research on a specific topic and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will forever change the way you think about happiness.