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This year for our annual site visits, our team decided to put together a report identifying all of the challenges, successes, and learnings our funded partners shared for FY21. We did this because we want to ensure we are not collecting any information from our funded partners that we are not using and/or sharing back out. We presented this report to our Board of Trustees and sent it via email to all of our funded partners at which time we heard many “Thanks!” and “Thank you so much for sharing this with us!”

Someone also said, “I just want to congratulate you on this report. It’s very thoughtful and insightful. I found it very helpful.”

While another partner shared, “Wow…just wow. I felt such a sigh of relief, reading this report. It’s so nice to “see” our sister agencies have similar experiences. Thank you for taking the time to create this powerful tool. I’ll send it to staff now.”

We hope you also find this report interesting, meaningful, or maybe even validating. If you have any questions, please contact Kristin Cowart at [email protected].

Click on the this link to read the report:  MHB Site Visit Report Final 3-31-21