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How to Apply

Saint Louis MHB funds several different programs for behavioral health and children’s services for of the City of St. Louis through two primary funds: the Community Mental Health Fund and the Community Children’s Services Fund. These programs have different funding cycles and must be applied to via an official process, outlined below.

Standard Grant Application Process

The Community Children’s Services Fund and the Community Mental Health Fund use a virtually identical process by which 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations can apply for funding. The two tax funds initiate the process on alternate years so there is never more than one tax fund RFP active at a time. There are three distinct phases in the standard process:


In 2021, MHB adopted a new strategic plan and Theory of Change. These two guiding documents articulate the vision and strategy for the organization as a whole and establish measurable outcomes for both Funds. MHB will conduct a community meeting at the beginning of each grant cycle to introduce the Funding Priorities that have been set to advance the new Theory of Change. The community meeting will also feature a presentation on the new grant application process being launched in 2022. A recording and meeting materials from the community meeting can be found on the MHB website.


Please review the video and presentation materials from our December 14, 2021 Community Meeting to get detailed information about our new application process. Presentation highlights are summarized below:

  1. Organizations may submit one proposal unless an exemption is granted by MHB staff (exemptions are by invitation only and cannot be requested).
  2. Programs that serve youth and adults should submit one proposal through the CCSF cycle. MHB will fund adult services through the CMHF but will no longer require a separate application in cases where the same program is being delivered to youth and adults.
  3. Applications will be submitted through MHB’s online grant portal. Applicants must complete an eligibility checklist and will receive login credentials within one business day.
  4. All organizations, currently funded and new, will submit a short application using a modified version of the Missouri Common Grant Application.
  5. MHB staff may contact organizations after applications are submitted to ask follow-up questions as needed.
  6. After submitting an application, all organizations will be invited to participate in an optional Technical Assistance appointment with MHB staff to complete drafts of the required logic model and budget.
  7. Joint review teams consisting of community members, MHB Trustees, and MHB staff will review all complete applications submitted (short application, logic model, and budget) to determine their recommendations for funding.


Immediately after Board funding decisions are made, contracts are prepared. The month of June is dedicated to the contracting process, and all efforts are made to ensure that contracts are reviewed and properly executed in time for projects to begin implementation by July 1 (the first day of the new fiscal year).

Standard Grant Application Process Timeline

Below is the standard timeline for applying for MHB tax funds, either through the Community Mental Health Fund or the Community Children’s Services Fund.