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Director of Early Childhood Education - Saint Louis Public Schools

Wells Goodfellow Neighborhood

Dr. Samantha March became an MHB Trustee in September 2021 and was born and raised in the City of Saint Louis. She has an undergraduate degree and certification in Early Childhood Education from the University of Missouri- Saint Louis and a masters and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Maryville University. She has thoroughly enjoyed working in urban education for over 15 years and currently is the Director of Early Childhood Education for the Saint Louis Public School District. As an active member of the PBS/Nine Network Community Advisory Board, the Office of Financial Empowerment College Kids Advisory Board, St. Louis Literacy Regional Association and The Gateway Early Childhood Alliance, the United 4 Children, Regional Leadership Hub she believes serving the community is a priority. Dr. March is an Early Childhood Education Enthusiast specializing in learning through play with an emphasis in literacy. She strives daily to make an intentional impact, through limitless learning by connecting community. As a servant leader, Dr. March firmly believes all children deserve the best educational opportunities available and considers serving the youngest most vulnerable in our community to be a lifelong commitment. Samantha represents the Wells Goodfellow Neighborhood.

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