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Instructor of Medicine - Division of Infectious Diseases, Washington University

Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood

Julia became a MHB Trustee in January of 2020 and serves as the MHB Program Committee Chair and is on the MHB Nominating Committee. She is currently Instructor of Medicine-Division of Infectious Diseases at Washington University. Julia is a public health researcher who uses her clinical practice skills to further advance the field of sexual health using public health theories and frameworks. To date, she has worked to integrate her clinical expertise as a licensed social worker in community mental health settings and substance use treatment with the research design and methodology for analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating data across a myriad of settings and populations. Julia focuses on addressing gaps in research and clinical practices in the areas of HIV care, sexual and gender minority health, and its relationship to risk factors associated with mental and physical health outcomes. Julia represents the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood.

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